Lymphatic health and great skin: all you need to know

By maria Manor Health

If you find yourself with recurring skin problems and no amount of skin care is helping, it might be time to address it from inside the body. Many people don’t realise that the body’s lymphatic system plays a huge part in skin health. Often with skin complaints, we reach for skincare in the form of moisturisers, serums, sprays and more – but what we don’t think of is addressing the issue internally. The skin’s appearance and any skin issues are often a reflection of what is going on inside the body, so addressing that is a great way to improve skin health long term. If the lymphatic system is blocked, or not functioning properly, the skin suffers. 

Lymphatic massage has become increasingly popular not only to improve lymphatic health but also to address skin complaints and other health issues including circulatory problems and fluid build-ups. 

So how does the lymphatic system affect the skin? 

As many know, the skin is the largest organ in the body and also the most important, but it doesn’t work alone. Just underneath the skin’s surface is the lymphatic system, which is working with the circulatory system to carry nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells, and also to filter out toxins and fluid build-up. 

The lymphatic system is the body’s main waste disposal system which uses lymph to carry away toxins in the body including dead or damaged cells, fluid and other harmful waste. When the lymphatic system is working at its best, all this waste is expelled quickly and efficiently, however, if the lymphatic system is moving slower than usual, all these toxins become trapped, triggering skin inflammation. This inflammation causes dry skin, loss of elasticity, acne, eczema and more. 

Promoting a healthy lymphatic system will help your body expel toxins quicker and in turn, give your skin a healthy glow. 

How can I look after my lymphatic system? 

Regular exercise

The lymphatic system relies on body and muscle movement to keep the lymph circulating around the body. If you exercise regularly, you’ve probably got great lymphatic health. 


It’s not just exercise that gets the lymphatic system functioning at its best. Massage is a great way to stimulate the circulation of lymph around the body. Deep breathing, manual massage or a professional lymphatic massage like the Body Ballancer, is the best way to really give the lymphatic system a boost. 

The Body Ballancer massage is specially designed to promote lymphatic drainage and get the lymphatic fluid moving throughout the body and improve tissue and organ health around the body. 

Body Ballancer massages will give the lymphatic system the stimulation it needs to expel toxins and keep the skin looking bright, as well as improving skin elasticity, reducing puffiness and eye bags. 

Stay Hydrated

Lymphatic fluid is made up of 96% water, so ensuring you’re always hydrated will keep the lymphatic system performing at its best. Dehydration can cause the lymphatic system to slow down, in turn causing toxins to build up in the skin. 

If you’re wanting to improve your skin health and give your lymphatic system a new lease of life, book your Body Ballancer massage at Manor Health for the best possible results. 

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