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Ageing skin is inevitable. Whether from sun damage, health conditions, smoking or genetics, there are so many factors which can have a negative impact on our skin. Whatever your reason for wanting to improve your skin or look younger, Manor Health are experts in PDO Thread Lifts.  Wondering what a PDO Thread Lift entails or[…]

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Here at Manor Health we like to keep our finger on the pulse of all the latest innovations in the world of weight management and aesthetics, so we are very excited to introduce Aqualyx. Aqualyx is a revolutionary treatment that dissolves fat… Want to know more??

When it comes to removing unwanted hair the options are endless! Whether you are shaving, tweezing, waxing, having electrolysis, threading, bleaching or using hair removal creams they all have there pro’s and cons. However, Laser Hair Removal is fast becoming the number one choice for many woman and men throughout the world! But what is so special about this extremely popular treatment?

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