CO2 Laser Resurfacing

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Save £50 on laser resurfacing at Manor Health. This offer includes full face, neck, scars, stretch marks and loose skin. Offer ends 31st May 2024. Find more money-saving offers here.

What is CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

Co2 Laser travels deeper than any other laser, breaking the dermal barrier which targets specific areas of the skin for a smoother, more even and youthful complexion. This treatment is perfect for those who struggle with ageing skin, pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks or loose skin, and for those who simply want to look fresh-faced and rejuvenated. This is a highly effective treatment with minimal downtime.

Your local SmartXide Punto Co2 Laser treatment

The Manor Health clinic is equipped with the world’s leading SmartXide Punto Co2 Laser by Deka. We are proud to treat clients not only in Leeds but surrounding areas, with people travelling from as far as London for this innovative treatment here at Manor Health.

The SmartXide Punto laser offers dramatic skin resurfacing treatments for the face, neck, and body. This is the only CO2 laser that uses SmartPulse and SmartStack technology for scar reduction and stretch mark reduction. This revolutionary technology is also capable of improving deep wrinkles, loose skin, pigmentation, plus stretch mark reduction, even on very delicate skin and areas such as the neck and hands. Find out more about Co2 Laser treatments at Manor Health.

Co2 Fractional LaserOne TreatmentCourse of 3
Lower Face£350£945
Full Face£450£1200
Full Face & Neck£525£1400
Nose/Open Pores£150£405
Eye Area£200£540
Full Cheeks£225£605
Cheeks & Temples£275£750
Full Face, Neck & Décolleté£600£1700
Upper Lip Lines£200£540

How Does CO2 Laser Resurfacing Work?

The Co2 Laser has many variables that can be tailored accurately and individually to each client’s needs. Perfectly controlled energy pulses are generated and directed to the treatment area. The pulse provides rapid and short bursts of controlled heat, which leads to micro-ablation. This is followed by a low-energy thermal effect that produces shrinkage and triggers collagen and elastin production. Co2 Laser Resurfacing generally requires a number of treatment sessions with rapid recovery time.

What can this treatment be used for?

  • A highly effective anti-ageing treatment that stimulates the production opf collagen, improving skin elasticity
  • Neck Tightening whilst enhancing the texture and appearance of the skin
  • Stretch mark reduction, scar reduction (including acne scars, surgical scars, ice pick scars) 
  • Post-pregnancy stretch marks and loose skin
  • Treatment of uneven skin texture, large pores and sun damage
  • Hand or neck rejuvenation
  • Sagging knees
  • Loose skin on upper arms

Preparing for your treatment:

Most people are suitable for the treatment, but we recommend a consultation and a patch test to determine a suitable treatment plan for you. Before your Co2 laser appointment, avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks and ensure there is no false tan in the treatment area.

What is Used For CO2 Laser Resurfacing?

At Manor Health we used the SmartXide Punto Laser by Deka, the world’s leading skin resurfacing laser, and the only laser which uses SmartStack and SmartPulse technology. You’ll be provided with protective goggles and we’ll use our cryo cooling fan both during and following your treatment for additional comfort.

Client Review:

I have had CO2 laser treatment on my face and neck and I am over the moon with the results. I was back to normal so quickly but with such radiant skin and no more fine lines! Everyone says I am glowing! I travel from Surrey to Manor Health and wouldn’t go anywhere else, the ladies are so kind, friendly and welcoming but still so professional. I am very pleased I did my research and found this amazing place! Thank you ladies

Benefits of CO2 Laser Resurfacing

  • Results can be seen after the very first treatment
  • Significantly reduces loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles through non-invasive means
  • Youthful and radiant appearance with minimal downtime
  • Lifting and firming of the skin
  • Treats a range of skin issues: scar removal, stretch mark removal, acne scars and loose skin improvement.
  • Improves texture and appearance of skin following sun damage
  • Downtime will vary from 3-7 days


How long do Co2 Laser Resurfacing results last? 

Co2 Laser Resurfacing is a permanent treatment and the benefits of the treatment can last for many months/years if the correct skin care is followed and the application of a high quality SPF 50 on a daily basis. Results can be seen from the first treatment, depending on the issue that we are treating.


How many sessions are usually needed? 

Typically clients undertake a course of either 3 to 10 sessions. This will depend on the area and the severity of the issue we are treating.


How is CO2 different to traditional Fractional Laser? 

The CO2 laser penetrates the skin much deeper than a traditional Fractional laser and uses smaller columns of heat that are closer together which makes the healing process quicker and far more comfortable.  


Is there any downtime? 

On average the downtime is about 5 to 10 days depending on the area treated. Most people are fine to go about their day as normal, swelling and redness will typically have settled by 3-5 days.  


How soon will I see a difference? 

You will see a difference after one treatment, however, a course is recommended to get optimal results.  

Why Choose Manor Health?

Manor Health treatments are carried out by qualified and highly skilled clinicians. Our clinic is for you, if you are wanting to feel more youthful but don’t want to take extreme measures. We offer a range of treatments to suit everyone’s needs. Here at Manor Health we pride ourselves in quality of care and service and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements at a consultation.

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