Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser Hair Removal permanently removes unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. The Duetto EVO laser targets unwanted hair to destroy hair follicles, preventing further growth.


The ‘Duetto EVO’ is medically graded and the Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal. This machine uses mixed technology: Alexandrite and ND YAG which allows us to treat all skin and hair types.


The Alexandrite laser emits light energy via an alexandrite crystal. Light pulses target the hair follicle causing the hair to fall out and minimise further growth. ND YAG lasers are specially designed to remove hair for darker skin types. This laser is configured to a specific wavelength of invisible light.

Popular TreatmentsTreatmentCourse of 8
Upper Lip£50£400
Jawline & Chin£70£560
Bikini (standard)£70£560
Bikini (standard) & Underarms£80£640
Full Face£80£640
Full Leg£125£1000
Full Lower Body£375£2700

Pay in installments – monthly direct debit options available!

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

Energy from the laser light is absorbed by the melanin within the hair, targeting the hair roots beneath the skin. The hair follicle is heated to around 55-70 degrees destroying the stem cells which are responsible for hair growth. This process is called photothermolysis. 

8 treatments minimum is required with 4-6 weekly intervals to ensure all hair follicles are targeted at the right stage of growth. The laser can only target hair that is in the anagen hair growth phase (fully grown and attached to the follicle).

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

Laser Hair Removal is the perfect treatment to permanently remove hair, preventing future growth. This means you won’t need to shave or wax the area again, saving money on other hair removal methods long term. With no further hair growth, you can also say goodbye to uncomfortable in-growing hairs that can irritate the skin. 

Laser Hair Removal is a quick and a mildly uncomfortable treatment which is convenient for people who are busy and want a simple hair removal solution. You will always be bikini ready for any holiday and removing embarrassing facial hair will boost your confidence! 

What is used for Laser Hair Removal?

  • ‘Duetto EVO’ Laser
  • Goggles

The Duetto EVO laser has mixed technology that we can use depending on your skin type. A full assessment of your skin and hair type will be carried out so we can use the best possible laser treatment including Alexandrite laser and ND Yag.

What can Laser Hair Removal be used for?

Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution to removing unwanted hair from the face and body. 

Any area of the face where hair grows can be treated with Laser Hair Removal. Some popular examples of laser hair removal treatment include: 

  • Full Face – A treatment to remove unwanted hair from the full face
  • Upper Lip – A great solution to avoid waxing the upper lip 
  • Chin – Perfect for those who have unwanted hair in this area and aren’t sure how to get rid of it

Often, when we use alternative methods of hair removal like shaving or waxing, hair can sometimes grow back thicker and darker, which is more noticeable on the face, especially in areas where you don’t want it. Treating these areas with Laser Hair Removal will remove the hair and prevent further growth so you can say goodbye to those frequent waxing appointments. 

Laser Hair removal is also very popular for removing unwanted body hair and eliminating the need to shave or wax these areas too. Treatments include: 

  • Full body 
  • Underarms 
  • Arms – whole or half 
  • Legs – whole or half 
  • Bikini 
  • Brazilian 
  • Hollywood 

Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Many people are sceptical of booking in for Laser Hair Removal for fear that the treatment will be uncomfortable. Rest assured – Laser hair removal is quick and only mildly uncomfortable on sensitive areas. 

Prior To Laser Hair Removal:

  • No direct UV exposure 4 weeks prior to treatment
  • No false tan can be worn in the area 1 week prior to treatment
  • Stop using products containing AHA’s & BHA’s 1-week prior to treatment on the face
  • The area must be shaven the day before with a good quality razor to ensure all hair is removed (no other method of hair removal must be used)
  • A comprehensive list of before and aftercare will be provided

Client Review:

I cannot recommended Manor Health enough. Katie made me feel comfortable and at ease with my laser treatment. After a course of 8 sessions Katie has done a fantastic job, so pleased with the results. – Amanda.

Laser Hair Removal Aftercare:

Full aftercare advice will be provided following your laser hair removal treatment. The surrounding skin will be unharmed, but there are things we recommend to prevent irritation to the treated area. This includes: 

  • Avoiding sunbeds or direct sunlight on the area 
  • Avoiding saunas and hot baths/showers


How many sessions of laser hair removal will I need? 

A course of 8-12 is required depending on the area. 


Will the hair ever come back? 

New hair growth may occur due to hormone changes in the future. This is when the odd maintenance treatment may be required. This varies client to client and the area treated. 


How long between laser hair removal sessions? 

6 weeks


Why shave before laser hair removal?

The hair needs to be in the follicle but shaven to ensure the laser can work at a deeper level and also prevent the hair from burning.


Can you have laser hair removal when pregnant? 



What age can you get laser hair removal?


Why choose Manor Health?

Manor Health treatments are carried out by qualified and highly skilled clinicians. Our clinic is for you, if you are wanting to remove hair for good. We offer a range of treatments to suit everyone’s needs.

Here at Manor Health we pride ourselves on quality of care and service and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements at a no obligation consultation.

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