The NEW illumiFacial®

By maria Manor Health

Benefits to you!!

– Brightens and refreshes skin

– Diminishes brown sun spots and red vessels

– Evens out skin tone

– Suitable for skin types 1-3

How to achieve the airbrush look but without the filter….

“SkinXiety” is a new phenomenon referring to people’s anxiety of now being pictured without a filter. These worries have further escalated due to the pandemic with constant “Zoom Calls” and mask wearing. Filters are a good way of improving your appearance for photos, but wouldn’t it be great to achieve a flawless complexion without them.

Introducing the NEW illumiFacial® by Lynton Lasers. The illumiFacial® will revitalise, enhance, and illuminate the skins natural beauty, and not just for photo’s, all day, every day!!

This is a quick and simple rejuvenating treatment that dramatically improves skin tone, texture, and appearance, helping your skin to look lit from within.


The illumiFacial® is not just a Facial

The word facial is just the start…

The IllumiFacial® is a combination of chemical peels, Lynton IPL and topicals. This is scientifically proven and advanced skin treatment to restore and illuminate from within. Clients experience long lasting luminosity and improved skin tone for optimal skin health.

The Lowdown

The illumiFacial® by Lynton Lasers is the next generation in “Photofacial” treatments, using a unique combination of specialist Lynton skincare and powerful medical-grade IPL technology. It has been designed to illuminate, rejuvenate, and nourish the skin, delivering a flawless younger looking appearance and confidence to tackle any situation.

Want to find out more….

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