Client Case Study – Debi

By maria Manor Health

It is such a reward to give clients a fulfilling experience. Aesthetics go far beyond just the physical change in appearance and often contribute to better mood and improved self-confidence.

Here’s Debi’s experience with Manor Health, we’re so pleased we’ve been able to give the beautiful Debi her confidence back and help her feel good about herself again!


Tell us a bit about you and what brought you to Manor Health?

I was feeling low, lacking confidence, I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and the stress of losing my mum had taken it’s toll on my face, a friend recommended that I go see Maria at Manor Health. I had recently had some fillers done at another clinic which I wasn’t happy with and needed correcting.


What treatments have you had a Manor Health?  

After Maria had corrected some of the previous filler I’d had done we discussed a treatment plan and over the next 12 months I had anti-wrinkle treatment, tear trough filler, chin filler, cheek filler and some additional dermal filler to soften my nose to mouth lines.



How would you describe your experience at Manor Health to a friend?

Friendly, professional, welcoming, completely happy with the natural looking results and worth every penny.


How have the treatments made you feel?

The treatments and experience have improved my confidence, made me look and feel younger and in a better place mentally.



How often do you visit the clinic?

Every 3 months but Maria will never do treatments unless she genuinely believes I will benefit. She happily says no if she doesn’t think I need anything.


What’s been the best treatment you’ve had?

They’ve all been good but I would say tear trough filler and chin filler have made the biggest difference.


Are there any treatments you’d still like to try in the future?

Yes, cogs to lift my jowls and lower face. I plan to have cogs next year.




What advice would you give to anyone thinking about having treatments?

Don’t wait, if you want to feel good about yourself then go to someone you trust and Manor Health is a place that I trust. Don’t grow old gracefully. You can still look very natural when given the correct advice and appropriate treatments. People don’t think I have had anything done until I show them my before pics.


Any further feedback?

What can I say, the results are amazing and have transformed the way I look and given me my confidence back!


If you’re considering a treatment with Manor Health, we hope Debi’s story has inspired you to just go for it! Book your consultation today and speak to Maria for some professional advice on what is best for you. You can call the clinic on 0113 8701000 or you can book online.
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