Here’s what a few of our clients had to write about their weight loss experience.

*My weight has always been an issue and by my late thirties I realised I needed to do something. I had tried many diets but most of the weight always came back and willpower was always a problem being a chocoholic! I knew my weight would put in the obese category and I felt so miserable all the time. I hated what I saw in the mirror and clothes’ shopping was always an issue. I joined Manor Health in October 2012 and have lost over 3 stone. With Maria’s advice and support I followed a diet that would suit my busy lifestyle and needs (I can’t cook!) and started to exercise each week (zumba, swimming and some gym work). Maria even joined me in the clinic gym to motivate me as exercise isn’t something I enjoy. I would even get a reply from Maria on a late evening if I was wondering about a food product or had a query. I appreciated and still do the positive support from Maria and her team as they are so encouraging and complimentary! I can now fit into some of my clothes from the ‘thin’ part of my wardrobe and have started to feel more confident in myself. I have begun to wear dresses and skirts, something I haven’t done for years since I have been living in trousers for most of my late twenties to thirties. I am very pleased with the progress I have made at Manor Health and my message to anyone is: Don’t live your life with the horrible burden of a weight problem, seize the day and make the call.

Joanne, Leeds.

*I had been looking around at what options were available to help me with my serious weight problem (I am morbidly obese). I was considering surgery, when I saw an advert in the Yorkshire Evening Post. A presentation was being held on ultra sound liposuction at Manor Health in Horsforth. I went along not knowing what to expect but listened and liked what I heard. I am now 4 sessions into my programme and have so far lost 14.5 inches altogether. I was not sure if this treatment would be appropriate for someone of my size but they have accepted the challenge and so have I.

Diana, Leeds.
(Diana lost 4.5 stones in 20 weeks and continues to work with Manor Health in her weight loss battle)

*When I first read about Ultrasonic Lipo I thought it sounded too good to be true and just some sort of gimmick!, I have had three children and even with a healthy diet and regular exercise I was struggling to get rid of my ‘mummy tummy’, so I decided I would give the treatment a go, although I wasn’t entirely convinced it could work. How wrong was I? I started losing inches after the first treatment and I am delighted with the results. My stomach is now flat and I feel great, thanks to Maria at Manor Health.

Michelle, Scunthorpe.

*I am a 55 year old female, and had resigned myself to living with my ‘Jelly Belly’ courtesy of two pregnancies forever! That is until I discovered that Maria Jacobs of Manor Health salon was offering Ultrasonic Liposuction treatment. When I first saw the advertisement I was both intrigued and excited by the claims it was making, as I had seriously thought about having liposuction and even a tummy tuck! After speaking to Maria I was convinced that this was the treatment I had been waiting for, and immediately booked my initial course of treatment. I was invited to the launch, which convinced me further that I had found my ‘dream’ treatment.

I was quite nervous at the start of my treatment, but Maria soon put me at ease and helped me relax. Maria is very informative about nutrition and healthy eating, and gave me a lot of advice and encouragement to achieve a lifestyle change, and I have to say it has been much easier than I thought, and exactly that!

I have enjoyed every treatment and really looked forward to seeing Maria and her staff, who all make you feel very welcome and valued.

The treatment has helped me to achieve my dream of banishing my ‘Jelly Belly’ forever and feeling confident to wear a bikini again. I have lost inches and 12lbs in weight, which is no mean feat considering I also suffer from an under-active thyroid condition! So I would like to say a huge thank you to Maria and Ellie at Manor Health salon, I couldn’t have done it without them!

Carol, Taylor.

*I weighed 11st 2lbs and was a size 16, I felt fat and frumpy and I looked it. Then I saw an advert for Manor Health and thought that I would give it a try. After 12 weeks, I now weigh 9st 8lbs and am a size 10! I look better, feel better, I am fitter and I have been educated in what to eat and it has paid off. I would advise anyone to try the Lipo treatment; it will change your life. I would like to say a big thank you to Maria for all the help and encouragement that she and her team have given me; I can’t thank Maria enough for the confidence I now feel about myself.

Kate, Horsforth.

*Before I came to Manor Health I tried to lose weight through by doing exercise alone. When I initially heard about Ultrasound Fat Reduction, I thought it sounded like a good treatment. My goal was to lose inches from my stomach which I did after 12 treatments, losing 17.5″ in total from my abdominal area! I was impressed; Manor Health provided me with a lot more than I initially wanted. I would recommend Manor Health; the surroundings are pleasant and the staff are lovely.

Christine, Harrogate.

*I have tried general low calorie diets and exercise in the past. When I first heard about Ultrasound Lipo I was very sceptical. I wanted slimmer and toned thighs which I got after 12 sessions but saw results after about the 4th session. Manor Health offered me some great advice as well as the treatment which was easy to follow and actually works! I would recommend Manor Health to anyone because I lost several inches from my thighs and the overall appearance improved as well.

Rosemary, Leeds.

*I came to Manor Health after trying several diets and exercise programmes. My initial thoughts were that it would be another weight loss/fat loss programme that wouldn’t work for me. My goal was to lose inches and fat and streamline the contours of my body which I did in 12 sessions losing 14″ from my abdomen! I would recommend Manor Health because results are achievable.

Maria, Otley.


*DISCLAIMER: results may vary from person to person

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