Semi Permanent Make Up

Semi Permanent Makeup is the placement of pigment just beneath the epidermis of the skin. It is a type of tattoo that resembles makeup
for brows, eyes and lips with fabulous results, giving you confidence
24 hours a day.



  • SMPU will make your eyes stand out and enhance your best features
  • SMPU is perfect if your eyesight makes applying Make Up difficult
  • SMPU is brilliant for busy ladies who still want to look their best but don’t always have time to apply make up
  • SMPU will give definition and improve features
  • SMPU is perfect for swimmers, athletes and fitness instructors
  • SMPU is a solution for people who have lost their brows through Alopecia or Chemotherapy



  • Call now to book your Free Consultation to discuss if Semi-Permanent Make Up is right for you
  • Complete a consultation form and have a free patch test
  • Your first treatment will include a colour consultation; we will agree what shape you would like and application of your Semi-Permanent Make Up will take place
  • 4 weeks later, your Free top up will take place to ensure the depth of colour and shape is perfect for you

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